Dinner at Metronome in Makati

November 9. 2021

Tonight’s parents’ night.

Oyen brought us to Metronome, the new dining sensation making a name for itself. Armed with her work experience at the French restaurant Robuchon, chef Miko Calo, with her partners Elbert Cuenca, RJ Galang, and Alain Borgers have succeeded in titillating the discriminate palate of Manila’s who’s who.

This French restaurant is named after an ancient Greek device called metronome. It is commonly used by musicians to guide them to produce regular beats.

a  This cat’s tummy is big.  He probably ate a lot and fell asleep after.

Sarap ng tulog nya.  He was oblivious to the movements and noise around him.

Oyen booked an early dinner,  a smart thing to do these days— to avoid the crowds, to avoid the heavy traffic, to be first in the parking lot, not to feel sleepy while at dinner.


For appetizer, I ordered Foie Gras for myself.  Edmund had Shrimp.  Oyen ordered a few more appetizers.


Edmund had Entrecote which was super delicious.  He made me and Oyen taste it.  It was really good.



j  We’ve dined in many restaurants in many cities and countries.  We somehow could tell after two dishes if the restaurant is great or not.

Marami dyan hit or miss.   For example  out of 5 dishes,  only one stands out.  In Metronomes case,  majority of the dishes were very good, and the rest were good.

We had one each of this fresh Mozzarella Blanc Manger.

Shrimp Croustillante

My appetizer was Foie Gras, my main course was Halibut.

Edmund’s appetizer  was good  to share.  Oyen took one, I did too.


Edmund totally loved this steak  called Entrecote. It was actually recommended by the waiter.

Kurobuta Pork

Lobster Spaghettini for Oyen

This night was a hit.  We felt comfortable eating indoors because not many people were there yet at 6:30 pm.  We were pleased with our menu choices.  The Metronome staff and owners noticed that we were enjoying ourselves.



It was only Edmund who ordered wine. He got GLS 2019 Joseph Drouhin, and coffee afterwards.  Oyen had Camomille.

We’re coming back soon.  Edmund and Oyen are craving for the Entrecote.

Tables are always full especially for dinner so better book well in advance.

G/F, Grand Midori, Bolanos Street, Legaspi Village, Makati
Cel: +63 917 147 3776


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