There’s a temporary showroom / boutique of local clothing brand harlan + holden smack right in the middle of Greenbelt 5. I had a luncheon meeting in Chateau 1991 last August and the store wasn’t there yet. I had lunch with Richmond and Jess at the same restaurant yesterday and meron na bigla nito.

Harlan + holden is just their brand name and not the name of the owners. There is no particular meaning according to the store manager.
They’ll be here till end of October. Their permanent stores are in Rockwell, Shangrila Mall. They also have merchandise inside Adora in Greenbelt where they started selling their products in 2010.

harlan + holden, Greenbelt

Women’s wear, for preggie’s like me. Comfort must be foremost in their minds when these clothes were designed.
harlan + holden, women's wear

I didn’t see any printed fabric. The colors are basic and the designs are simple. This could be strategic, one can easily mix and match the pieces.
Clothes prices range from P2,900 to P5,950.
harlan + holden,  women's clothing

After my meeting, I went in and made usyoso their merchandise. I was actually more attracted to the architectural details of the interior canopy. According to the sales lady, it came from Italy.

harlan + holden interior canopy

harlan + holden,  Greenbelt 5

walking shoes by harlan + holden

They claim that these shoes are the lightest in the world. I lifted it, ay oo nga they’re so light. The soles are made of super light helium gel.

Nude camel. They also come in white, light blue, tan, and combination of mexh navy and gray. Selling price is P4,950 a pair.
lighest shoes

Maisukat nga. I am a size 7.
harlan + holden,  trying on shoes

According to the sales lady, Tim Yap and Liz Uy wore these shoes in their trip to Bhutan to test them.

The shoes are called camino, the Spanish word for path.

Nice no? Medyo I felt a little sad lang after I saw the stamp inside, made in China. That kind of stopped me from impulsively buying them. That reminds me, I keep buying Jessica dresses, I think they are also from China. There’s nothing wrong with made in China products except that our country has a major territorial dispute with them. Although the ruling says the waters and islands belong to the Philippines, our mainland relatives are still there and continue to build infrastructures. I believe the next developments would be in their favor because of our new government’s uncanny closeness to my Chinese forefathers. And not only that, many illegal drug laboratories discovered around our country are manned by our neighbors too.
Love for country first, love your neighbors fifth.
harlan + holden,  nude color shoes


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  1. I was just looking for reviews on the camino shoes whether they are true to size or run bigger. Stumbled upon this entry and happy to know that their are bloggers like you who are not afraid to talk about political issues, the WPS dispute and the president’s undeniable friendship with “them” specifically. Thank you! We need more bloggers, vloggers and/or other influencers like you!

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