Living with Stress10:41 PM Tuesday August 18, 2020 |

Long before I learned the meaning of stress, I grew up experiencing how this could affect a person in a negative way. It could make a person irascible and short-tempered.

I remember witnessing my mom’s periodic episodes of fractiousness. Throwing dinner plates on the floor, banging the water buckets on the cemented laundry area, fainting, crying. You know the challenges of raising 6 children, 4 of whom were all in the university. She was managing our household, the maids, tending to her gifts and bridal shop, ice candy factory, etc. and at the same time dealing with her own issues like menopause.

Life is full of stress. Living, in itself, could be stressful. Even if we don’t do anything to stress ourselves out, there’s always something happening in the world that jolt us in our comfortable seats. And we also like to put ourselves in situations that could add massive stresses in our lives that would sure to add incredible creases on our faces.

I am a perfect example. After months of peace, I got myself into some stressful situation, my own choice.
August 21 is coming and I hope to finish something on this day after 50 days of stressful negotiations. I hope the next episode would be enjoyable.


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