Shopping for Baby Things

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April 27, 2022

2:43 pm

I went shopping for baby things in Robinson’s Department Store. I still remember they have a good selection of simple baby stuff.

I found myself a little lost. It’s been 30 years since I last went serious shopping for baby stuff. I was glad the things I knew before are still available today like lampin. I didn’t buy bigkis, hindi na yata uso ang bigkis. On second thought, maybe I should buy even 3 pieces next week.

shopping for Baby things
2:48 pm

2:56 pm

2:57 pm

3:07 pm

I bought a lot but this is not enough. But it’s not advisable to buy plenty of baby stuff. Babies grow fast and in just a few months, they outgrow most of these things, especially clothes.

3:20 pm
Shopped for baby's stuff


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