September 17, 2019

According to our tour guide there are 365 plus churches scattered around the island of Mykonos. Most are private and  they double as mausoleum or burial chamber. The sizes are tiny and they look more like tiny chapels or altars with roofs.


This small chapel is the only Catholic church in Mykonos. It’s in a prime location, standing at the center of the commercial area.

I lighted candles and made several wishes. And of course, I also expressed my appreciation for all the blessings and guidance.

Greeks are also very religious according to our tour guide
greece 644 mama mary

No individual person no matter what the status or circumstance in life is immune to life’s challenges. Our days are sometimes happy, sometimes sad. Some days are more challenging and life could be very tough. When the going gets tough, it’s always good to believe that a supreme being we call God, is more powerful than all the negativities in life. When there are times we are feeling weak, let’s pray and hold on to our faith.

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