Things to know before you seriously commit in a relationship

I wrote this post back in 2015 but forgot to publish it. I recently saw it and I added the Covid tests as a requirement.

When Edmund and I first met Brian, future husband of my niece Kaykay, Edmund and I interviewed him. Sino parents nya, anong pangalan, taga-saan. He was born in the US and does not speak Tagalog. When I found out that his mother’s middle ¬†name is Cerda, I asked him to call his mother. Kinausap ko sa phone. I interviewed her about her roots. Sa Binangonan kasi nung araw lahat ng clans magkaka-kilala. Pagsinabi ang apelyido, alam mo na agad kung taga saang barrio sila. What a small world. His mother was born in Binangonan.

Attention parents: When someone is dating your son or daughter, interview them. Get the parents’ names, grandparents, work, siguro make them submit a comprehensive curriculum vitae. Hingan na rin ng barangay clearance, police clearance, certificate of good moral character from ten persons, certificate of current employment, and clearances from previous employments. Kumuha na rin ng income tax returns, bank statements, credit card bills. Check if he/she has unpaid credit card bills, utility bills, etc. Ipa- credit investigation nyo.

Kuhanan ng close up picture, right side, left side, top view, back view, full view. Look for identifying marks. Kuhanan mo na rin ng finger prints lahat ng daliri. Kunin din ang palm prints and lalo na ang foot prints. Size ng shoes kailangan din. Height, weight.

If their relationship becomes serious and they are now talking about wedding plans, mainam pa hingan mo na ng family tree.

Kung plano nila na tumira with in-laws, go and visit the house of the would-be inlaws. Mag -ocular inspection ka. Open their ref. Wala bang pagkain? That means they are on diet, health conscious or they don’t know how to cook.

You can tell a lot about your future kabalae by how their house looks like.
Inspect their bathroom and toilet. Madungis ba? That means they are environmentally friendly. They don’t take a bath because they conserve water.¬†They don’t flush for the same reasons.

Is their kitchen dirty? That means they are pet-friendly. They feed stray cats, ipises and rats.

Ask how frequently do they change their beddings? Monthly, quarterly, annually? The less frequent the more it tells you that they are preservationists and most likely are environmental activists.

Know your future in-laws, or kabalae. It’s also an added knowledge if they are Democrats, Republicans, DDS, BBM, Robredo.

The more information you gather, the higher the chances of you getting along with them and you will be able to protect yourself. Alamin ano ba hanapbuhay nila? Manufacturers or traders, retailers. Baka shabu manufacturer, illegal pills importer. Baka biglang mag-raid sa bahay nila eh madamay ka pa. You would be guilty by association. What are you doing at their house? What if there’s a sack of shabu hidden under their bed? So alamin, mag-imbestiga.

I think a psychological test, tuberculosis x-ray, AIDS test, Covid RT/PCR tests must also be required before the actual wedding.


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