Lisa says:
September 21, 2021 at 1:33 am Edit
You say only black people steal. You are racist and stereotyping. If you weren’t, you would just say you saw two ladies stealing from Sally’s. The media and people like you, want to make blacks looks like thieves to make it seem whites NEVER steal. People like you want to make blacks uncomfortable in stores. When you keep saying blacks steal, naturally people are only going to watch them, even ones who don’t steal, giving them a bad shopping experience because their being watched. You think whites don’t steal? Ha! Who stole this country from native Americans, whites. Don’t America celebrate Columbus Day, a thief. Now search google and search luxury lifting by a white girl, who brags about all the places she steals from and give tips on how to get away with it. You all so busy watching us, you miss out on the whites, you ever seen gas station encounters? Search it on YouTube, you’ll see whites stealing something as cheap as candy bars and little debbies
Here’s links of whites shoplifting and search YouTube, there’s millions more, I bet you can’t watch it or will make excuses. There’s shoplifters of all races.–GpRiKE

In reply to Lisa.
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your comments.
I am simply a storyteller. I describe what I see with as much detail as possible. If you will read through my post, it was about people stealing from stores. Nothing that I said was discriminatory. I never said ONLY black people steal. I told the storekeeper “two black women” because they are two black women period. If they were Koreans I would say the two Koreans? I also described the race of the cashier which is mixed Hispanic and Asian. Unfortunately for black people, the ones we have personally encountered and had seen actually stealing were black people. I saw one white woman stealing bedsheets and I also mentioned that in my post years ago. I don’t single out black people. I single out those who are stealing. If I see a Filipino stealing, I will also describe it in my post as a Filipino thief. I will not camouflage it.

My Korean neighbor was held up by a black couple. A Chinese neighbor was held up and shot by 4 black robbers, my sister’s neighbor was robbed at gunpoint by two black men. I feel sorry for the African-Americans that these criminals unfortunately were black. It is absolutely true that there are white American robbers, Asian thieves, Italian mafias. There are good people and bad people regardless of race and color. My posts mention those that I have personal knowledge of. If I see a Vietnamese stealing my neighbor’s car, I would definitely tell the police that I saw a Vietnamese-looking guy in order to aid them in their search for these guys. If I saw two Vietnamese and the police asks me to describe the guys, so as to avoid being accused of being a racist, shall I just say I saw two persons. I can no longer mention if it’s gay, man, woman because some people don’t want gender labels. So shall I just say I saw two human beings? And how the heck would the police find these criminals? They will have no clue.

For black people who feel offended when the word black is mentioned to give detail about a crime perpetrator, I feel you should rally those bad people to do good instead. Channel your talent and energies into a massive campaign to rise above this paranoia that you are being singled out by leading by example. The majority of black people are kind and peace-loving, educated. I have some black friends. I need not go far to cite examples. People that we all admire and respect: former US President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, and a thousand and millions more. It’s time to leave the paranoia behind. When Filipinos land in the evening news for the wrong reasons, I don’t feel offended. I feel ashamed instead that someone from our race did something bad. I want to scold that person. I don’t take it against the person reporting.



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