No formal announcement yet from Bongbong Marcos and yet he is already bombarded with anti-Marcos online protests. I can’t imagine the anti-Marcos resources and machinery that will start rolling in full blast as soon as he formally launches his candidacy. But if it’s for the Senate, I think the objections will not be that great. But for president? All hell will break loose.
Even if Bongbong is not his father, he carries with him the name and surname and that is enough for many people to blame him for everything that happened 40 years ago.

He won convincingly in the senate.  He could have used his term in the senate to prove to the people that he is his own man, that he is honest, not corrupt, and extremely competent to lead this country to greater heights. After he lost to Leni Robredo, he was quiet most of the time. He could’ve used those years to rise above the defeat and show the country he has what it takes to be VP or President.

I recently watched on Youtube a taped interview of Bongbong Marcos by Toni Gonzaga. When asked about his best qualities he replied it’s not in his nature to purihin ang sarili nya.

I watched another interview of him and his wife, Atty. Lisa Araneta – Marcos. I enjoyed watching them laugh and giggle in front of the camera.  Parang natural lang.

Interiew by Aster Amoyo:

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