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America spends their most precious time and energy debating whether it should require every person to wear a mask or not. This simple task of wearing a mask that obviously could save us from getting sick and infecting other people has become so political. Some anti-mask supporters call wearing a mask a violation of their human rights, a devil’s mandate, killing people, and other ridiculous terms.

Americans will never get rid of the coronavirus simply because of their attitude.  Many think that the coronavirus is a mere propaganda to scare them and control their lives.  Hmmm, didn’t they hear 122,000 Americans have so far died from the virus in the last three months alone? The numbers could  rise because thousands are getting infected still.  Even if an effective vaccine comes into being, many are anti-vaxers who will not let the vaccine touch their skin.

I, personally, have difficulty breathing when my mask is on. It depletes my energy faster than usual. I can’t go on for long periods of time without me removing it for a few seconds to catch my breath. But I have no choice but to wear a mask when I am around people. I don’t want to catch the virus and I do not want to infect other people, most especially my own family.


face mask

Lately, we’ve been going out to help us manage our stresses. And to bring Oyen to places she has never been to.

oyen corte madera

We eat out but only outdoors (al fresco).

lunch in corte madera
A—– “Sayang ito hindi pa nagamit.”
E—– “Itapon mo na yan, kakalat lang sa bahay.”
A—– “Malinis, hindi pa nagamit, sayang, iuwi ko?”
E—– “Yan ka na naman. Saan mo yan gagamitin?”

We’ve ventured inside stores but always wearing our masks, practicing social distancing  as far away as possible from other people, sanitizing our hands frequently and spraying Chlorox under our shoes before getting on the car.

(Waiting in line)

Distance markers outside Starbucks are 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet apart, and not 6 feet.
distance markers
We came to this store hoping to find black truffle sauces but they were all gone.

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