The Amazon Prime Girl10:25 PM Monday June 15, 2020 |

Surprises come in many forms. For this girl, and for the millions more locked up at home, the arrival of the brown boxes from Amazon Prime is an energy booster, boredom buster, and mood enhancer.

Is it just me?  The way they drew the arrow reminds me of something else.

amazon box

The arrival of the blue van in the neighborhood is a regular occurrence and a welcome sight. Downside though is the growing number of thieves who follow the van to steal the packages at once after they’ve been dropped off at the buyers’ porches. We have a Ring camera on our front door and we get notices and warnings from the neighborhood. Twice I saw on camera the thieves carrying the boxes. I won’t mention if they are whites, blacks, Asians so as not to be accused of being a racist. What I can only say is that in both incidences, the thieves have the same race.

The excitement of opening every box, even if she already knew what’s inside because she was the one who saw it online, chose it, ordered it, and paid for it, still, the anticipation in finally seeing and touching what she had shopped makes the “gift opening” somewhat exhilarating.


amazon boxes
Beauty products

Baking supplies
baking supplies

3D printed washable shoes

This is why Jeff Bezos is mind-bogglingly wealthy. His $165 billion net worth will continue to swell in mammoth proportions as the US consumers engage in online shopping anywhere they are.


  1. In my area, same din ang kulay nung kumukuha ng packages. But yeaaah you can never utter the race kasi sasabihin racist ka pag sinabi mo ang totoo. :/

    1. Telling the truth-racist.13%of the US population responsible for 40%of the overall crimes.Rape,Assault,Robbery,Murder.The 13% we all have to bend and accommodate or else we will be labeled as RACIST.Now they want to defund the police.Who will we call to save us when we are being violated and beaten?So better to die then be called a racist.Welcome to clown world!

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