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July 9, 2020, Friday,
Oyen’s wedding videographer wanted to shoot the prenup videos in Big Sur but there was a storm on the day they were supposed to go.

The Bixby Creek Bridge also known as Bixby Canyon Bridge in Big Sur is only 13 miles from Carmel so off we go! Oyen wanted to see what could have been the magnificent backdrop of their pre-nup photos.

Bixby opened in 1932 after only one year of construction. It was retrofitted in 1996 to strengthen it in case there’s a big earthquake. It is one of the most photographed bridges in America due to its amazing architecture and gorgeous scenery. The bridge and its arches are made of reinforced concrete and is 218 meters long.

The fog was thick and it was so windy I needed to hold down my brand new hat lest it would be blown away, sayang ang bayad ko.

Ang ginaw. Teka, kipit-kipit nya dede ko.


  1. Nice photos and funny captions Ms Annie.
    Thank you for sharing, I’ve been to some of the places and it’s great to reminisce.
    Enjoy your family bonding and Keep safe.

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