Four Thieves Stole Saint Laurent Bags

August 7, 2021

From Anthropologie, I went back to Nordstrom to look for Edmund. He wasn’t able to buy anything so he came out looking for me. I told him to give me ten minutes, I’ll just go to the bags section.

The bags section is on the left side of Nordstrom’s main entrance door fronting the street.

I scanned the shelves and glass display cabinets and tables. I went closer to the Saint Laurent shelves. Walang laman! I was thinking maybe naubos na because merong sale. Or they were not able to replenish their stocks due to shipment delays.

There were only a few bags left on the shelves. I inspected them and I liked a very simple black tote cross body.
There’s a bigger one with an attached coin purse. The bigger bag has a tag price but the small size doesn’t have.

Lahat yung bags nakatali. I didn’t want to touch the bags so I walked over to the nearest cashier for help.

A—- “Hi, I am looking at the black tote at Saint Laurent, I couldn’t find the tag price.

Latina Cashier—- “I’ll check.”

She is knowledgeable and seems to be a veteran sales clerk there.

A—–“How come you only have a few pieces on display?”
Cashier—– “We were robbed last Sunday.”

(Retail theft has become too familiar in California. So infuriating.)

She told me that at around 2:30 pm, four men entered the door and went straight to the Saint Laurent shelves and scooped everything they could. They broke the shelves and when they couldn’t get some accessories inside the glass cabinet, the four of them lifted the whole glass case. It happened so fast, before the store clerks and customers could react, the criminals were gone. It only took less than 10 minutes.

I asked her if she got scared because she was standing right there. She said she didn’t feel any fear. She was so angry at the men.

A—-“Did the alarm sound?”

Yes but before the police arrived the criminals had left.

I asked her for descriptions, young or old or with female accomplices?
A—-“Are they white, black, Asians, Latinos?”
Cashier—-“Black. They were black. They moved very fast.”

Those four black men obviously have been to this store before they came to steal. They knew exactly where Saint Laurent section was and came very prepared.

Nordstrom has been victimized by a string of retail thefts.
At least eleven men and women were seen running out of Neiman Marcus in San Francisco with their loots.
The criminals went home laughing and giggling and I could only imagine many women are now proudly parading their stolen branded purses. And feeding their children food bought with stolen money.

Some black people get offended when the word black is used to describe or identify the thieves. Instead of feeling offended they should get mad at those criminals giving the black race a bad name.

Yes, it’s definitely true that thieves come from all races. There are Asian shoplifters, Korean thieves, Japanese, Italian, name it and you have it. But so far those that I have seen stealing merchandise from CVS, JC Penny, Walgreens, Lulu Lemon, Margaret Gray, Sally’s, Lowe’s, are blacks.

I’ve seen an elderly woman stuffing her bag with merchandise in Target. I knew that the store manager had seen her because I saw him checking her out but he didn’t stop her.

It is sickening that this kind of crime has escalated in the US and something is definitely wrong with their system.

I wish that this crime stops. All crimes.

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