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My sister and brother-in-law are expecting that sometime in July of this year, they would be required to go back to the office. Goodbye work from home. In their respective companies, what’s inevitable is the conflict that will arise between the vaccinated employees and those who refuse to be vaccinated.

How would that be? What’s going to be the protocol? Would certain rooms or floors be designated for the vaccinated and another floor or area exclusively for the not-afraid-of-covid and unvaccinated?

My sister informed her boss that there should be transparency. They want to know who the unvaccinated people are. That’s not discriminatory. That is not a violation of the rights of the anti-vaxers. Knowing who is not vaccinated will help manage each other’s risks.

In the Philippines, the Department of Labor and Industry issued a memo saying that companies cannot discriminate against employees without vaccines. And how about the danger they pose to other employees? To our customers? To their families? To us? AND to themselves? We provide medical coverage to our employees but we cannot afford to risk the majority getting sick, including us, to adhere to this DOLE rule.

Let’s take for example the case of tuberculosis. TB is prevalent in the Philippines. Thousands are carriers without them knowing and without them getting sick. Many companies require a chest x-ray showing negative results from those newly hired. In my opinion, this has a semblance of the Covid virus situation.
I don’t want to hire someone not knowing if this person is negative of the virus, which could only be good for a few days because the next day he/she could be infected. I prefer hiring someone who’s been vaccinated, or is willing to get vaccinated before reporting for work. I’d rather risk losing this employee if he/she doesn’t want to get vaccinated rather than risking the health and safety of our customers and employees. I think this is very fair.
Read this very well: get vaccinated or work elsewhere.

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