Our maids are always fighting08:37 PM Sunday May 16, 2021 |

Oyen thinks because the maids have been locked in together for more than a year since the pandemic began, they are now on each other’s nerves. That is true but even before the pandemic, they were always at each other’s wits. Living together without day-offs aggravates the situation.

Before we left, they were fighting over a driver who left after less than two weeks of working kasi daw his girlfriend was giving birth prematurely. After a few weeks, he sent me a few messages wanting to come back. I said mahirap ngayon kasi meron pang virus and no vaccine yet.

Apparently, he and Antinola have become good friends calling her sis. One of our maids was jealous because she is allegedly a text-girlfriend of the driver. Another one is jealous din daw of the relationship so it’s a 3-way away. I said “naku, hwag na yun, wala kayong mapapala dun. May asawa na, may mga girlfriends pa, walang pera, uutangan lang kayo nun at gusto free sex.”

The maids asked Edmund’s permission if they can use our swimming pool because it’s summertime. Of course, why not. I just warned them they could drown. They assured me they all knew how to swim, even Antonia.

My son-in-law reported that he caught them a week ago fighting over some petty issue. They were getting ready to swim when Antonia and Norma had a heated argument. Antonia slapped Norma, sinampal din sya, then Antonia grabbed Norma’s hair. naku eh bago pa naman ang hair do ni Aling Norma. Jebel tried to stop them but Antonia was really fuming mad so Jebel pushed Antonia into the pool. Derrick described lady Antinola as parang basang sisiw.

Actually, to keep Antonia busy and entertained, I gave her money to buy a high-speed sewing machine para magtahi ng shorts, or daster. Modista daw kasi sya ang she enjoys sewing.

They now all wanted to leave our household because they didn’t like each other. Sayang, we like Jebel a lot and I’ve been planning to get her and Norma passports, and visas to the US kaya lang pandemic pa. I hope Jebel stays.
As soon as Oyen comes home, we’ll have a changing of the guards. I hope we find good ones, hindi telepono ng telepono, yung walang mga kuliling.

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