Humans are Interdependent

I have long-established based on my own experience that there’s a certain connection between human beings no matter where or how far they are from each other in the universe. How powerful are our wirings that if there’s something happening, we feel a certain shift no matter how nimble and subtle the warnings are?

Humans experience thousands of feelings, body changes, emotions, thoughts, every day. How to isolate a normal biological interference from what could be a warning sign requires a much higher visceral level.

It’s amazing how the universe works. Humans are interdependent and interrelated.
Our extra-sensory perceptions are able to detect that something is going on even halfway around the globe. The challenge is how we pay attention to the faint signals.

Sometimes there are feelings we cannot even communicate and yet we know it’s there. Perhaps the centrifugal force makes our atoms react which means all human beings are atomically connected, if not biologically.

I’ve been having sleepless nights in the past four weeks and daily migraine attacks these past few days. I would dose off for a few minutes then my eyes open and I couldn’t sleep anymore. Sometimes I am doing something else and my chest would start pounding. All these are not just irrelevant occurrences. There is a systematic origin that is somewhere out there. The universe is calling me.

I leave it all up to the heavens to lift all these burdens upon me.

Annie Tan-Yee


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