We will miss Antinola

After years of urong sulong, our cook, Antonia, has left us for good. After her sabunutan episode with Norma, we thought it’s best that it’s about time she enjoys her much-anticipated retirement.

I will definitely miss Antinola’s best chicken tinola. After we banned her from cooking tinola, she served us sotanghon soup every other day. Nung nasawa kami sa sotanghon soup nya, sige balik na lang tayo uli sa tinola. I will miss both her swimming tinola and the mildly-seasoned chicken sotanghon soup.

Two or three days after she had left, the HOA admin informed us that it was Antonia’s schedule to get vaccinated,  Pfizer daw.  Too late.  I had informed the admin that Antonia no longer works for us so the admin gave the Pfizer vaccine to the next in line.  When Antonia found out about it, she hurriedly went to our village gate but unfortunately the admin informed us that the vaccine was no longer available.  She has to wait for the next schedule.  Baka wala na yan kasi many are still waiting and vaccines are arriving in trickles.

Antonia texts



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