I hate ambiguity05:36 PM Tuesday February 09, 2021 |

I get so irritated talking to people who, in the absence of accurate information, answer my questions with extreme ambiguity.

I’d rather hear them answer “I don’t know” than giving me a very vague answer. I also do not want them to pretend that they know the information when in fact they don’t. When I am in a bad mood, like today, I get so pissed.

1. A—- “Bakit nyo inilipat yung insurance without comparing the rates? I want to compare the costs of premium.”
Staff—– “Mam, may special rate naman tayo sa XYZ Insurance.”
Staff—–“Hindi ko lang ho alam”

2. A—–“That is a massive development.”
B—–“The units are very expensive.”
A—–“How much is one unit?”
B—–“Mahal! Sobrang mahal.”
A—–“Magkano yung pinakamahal?”
B—–“Naku, hindi ko lang alam.”
A—–“How did you know na mahal?”
B—–“Sabi kasi mahal daw.”

3. I also hate people saying “One hundred thousand plus” when in fact it’s one hundred eighty thousand pesos. That doesn’t qualify as …. hundred plus. One hundred plus means 101,000 or 102,000. Not when the amount is 50%, 80% or 195,000.

4. A—–“Nasaan si XXX?”
Staff—–“Ay, wala ba dyan?”

5. A—–“Nasaan si FFF?”
Staff—–“Boss lumabas lang, baka kumain.

After 20 minutes, nasan si FFF?”
Staff——“Boss pabalik na sya”.
A——“Pa’no mo nalaman? Tinanong mo ba sya?”
Staff—–“Hindi.. pero pabalik na sya.”
A——“Paki text, tanungin mo kung anong oras sya nadito, eksakto.”

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