Feb 4, 2021 1:00 pm

I was in our room on the second floor when I heard loud voices so I dashed out. I thought our maids were fighting.
They were not. They were speaking to each other in English.

I thought I was in a different country. I heard our maids yelling at each other in English. I stopped what I was reading to be certain that the voices were coming from inside our house.

Antonia was in the family dining area while Norma and Jebel were in the auxiliary kitchen, and Bonifacia was in the laundry area.

They were gleefully speaking to each other in English but I couldn’t follow what the conversation was about. The last part was between Antonia and Bonifacia.

Antonia—-“Where are yow Ebon? (Short for Bonifacia)
Boni——-“I here!”
Norma——- “Chu doing?”
Antonia—-“Are you penis?”

(Oops she meant finished doing the laundry)


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3 thoughts on “English-speaking maids

  1. Hi Ms. Annie,

    Plarlene here. I know we haven’t had good email exchanges before due to stress and I am really sorry about that. I am just dropping by to let you know that I’m still an avid reader of your blog. And now it has inspired me to set up my own WordPress life blog/journal that I could re-read when I get older.

    PS: I already got back in my hometown and I am grateful for the 2 years of stay in your dorm.

    1. Hi Plarlene, it’s always nice to go back to our hometown. It warms the heart and keeps our feet on the ground. Wishing you a healthy and happy life.

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