Put that garter

We Filipinos have embraced a lot of western lifestyles including the American wedding tradition of GARTER TOSS.   During my time, we didn’t have this kind of thing yet. Or even if there was, my mother would have vehemently objected because she’s ultra conservative like her sister Maria Clara.

Example of my mom’s conservativeness:

One time, our high school batch had a Christmas Party and I brought my husband, my kids and my mother along. Natyempo she was in the Philippines for a short visit. There was a game where there’s one talong (eggplant) that’s passed on from one person to the next. When the music stops, the person left holding the talong would be out of the game. My mom watched in horror and looked so scandalized. When the emcee was calling for the next set of contestants for the next game “basagan ng itlog”, my mom just couldn’t stand it anymore, she stood up and told me “Annie, ‘wag kang sasali dyang bata ka at MAHALAY”. (Don’t ever join that game, too obscene)

At the wedding reception of Ivan and Grace last August at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City, Derick Sazon, caught the garter, and the single girl, Bianca Velilla, caught the bride’s bouquet.  These two found themselves in an intimate situation which made the female emcee kilig na kilig. The guy is supposed to put the garter up and around her thigh using only his mouth, not his hands.


Bride GRace and Ivan the groom

Aug 6, 2011


Girl caught the bouquet, guy caught the garter



Derick and Bianca



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