Welcome Home Treat

I was fine the whole time I was in the West Coast. I was planning to just take a shower and go to the office the minute I arrived home but I have never imagined that even before the plane landed, I was already sick. While I was in bed, my daughter told me this is what I get for being away for so long.

It’s friday na pala today and I feel like I have lost a week. I was unproductive the past few days, looking and feeling like crap. At this age of mine, my body recovers slower. It takes a bit more time for me to get going again.

Edmund and Julienne went to Thailand last week only for two days courtesy of Ford Motor Company. They, together with the Ford officers and other dealer principals test drove the all-new Ford Ranger on rough and zigzag roads. My husband told me that Julienne drove a right-hand drive pick-up truck at top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Iba ang mga bata ngayon, masyadong matatapang.

They brought home from Thailand packs of sticky rice with mango. When I arrived last monday, there was one more pack in the ref and Edmund said they saved it for me. It’s my “welcome home treat”. I just love mango with sticky rice. Even if I was feeling so crappy after my constipation bouts and my stomach still growling, I ate it in 2 minutes. They were like… “by the way, there’s a sticky rice…. oh wow! it’s gone!”


Knowing how much my children also like Thailand’s famous dessert, I could imagine how much they exercised restraint to leave one for their mother. For that I will forever be grateful (ha ha ha). Thank you family.



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