Despite the rain

It’s been raining cats and dogs since last night. It’s the best time to open windows and let the fresh air in.
I love the smell of rain. When I feel so sad, I wish for rain, para bang meron akong karamay. Two days ago I wished for heavy rains kako from midnight to 4 am just to clean the streets and esteros of dust and dirt and make our air a little bit less polluted even for a few hours. But I did not wish for rain to come all day all night and all weekend.


Mag-electric fan na lang pero parang humid pa rin kahit maulan.


Meron nakapasok na lamok at puro kagat ang mukha ko. pwede namang sa braso ako kagatin, sa mukha pa.


I stayed home yesterday because I was feeling dizzy. I pampered myself naman by having mani pedi (no polish). I haven’t had this for a long long time.


Even if it’s pouring, Edmund went out today to check on some things. I liked his t-shirt, libre daw yun when they went to Thailand for the Ford Focus Ride and Drive.



Despite the rain, I wish you all a lovely weekend. THERE’S MORE FUN IN THE RAIN!


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3 thoughts on “Despite the rain

  1. Hi, Ate Annie. Thank you for your blogs. I truly enjoy reading them. Please keep ’em coming. Thank you, too, for the book – ‘A Country Imperiled’. I got it in the mail. I truly appreciate your effort/gesture. Stay beautiful..inside & out! Take care. Warmest regards with love & prayers..God bless you, Kuya Edmund and your dearest family..always! Again, Thank you! Maraming salamat! Grazie! Merci beaucoup! Danke schon! Domo arigato gozaimasu! Obrigado! Muchas gracias! Cheers!

    1. You’re welcome, Ate Annie. Walang anuman. De nada. I have read most of your ‘blogs’. Enjoyable! Fascinating! Informative! Touching! Humorous! Life-Affirming! You are blessed with such wonderful gifts – prowess in ‘writing’ & ‘storytelling’ skill. Wonderful! Awesome! Amazing! Please keep ’em coming. Take care. Best wishes, More power & Warmest regards. God bless you, Kuya Edmund & your dearest family..always!..Cheers!

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