The wrongs happen to make things right

Have you ever experienced in your life that para bang everything is going the wrong way? I think there are wrongs happening in our lives because things are being made right. Some of the mistakes we have committed or the chaos happening around us are actually a cleansing or correcting process. The wrongs happen so that the universe could correct them.

Sometimes everything seems wrong and then all of a sudden here comes calm and contentment. The problems get solved without us doing anything. Or we made a decision we thought was wrong but in the end it made things better.

In many instances I would make bad decisions, or I thought they were. Then I would be so worried I would ask the heaven’s help to correct them or make them right. I know this is so stupid but a lot of times these happened to me and I make no shame in admitting to myself and to God that maybe my decision was wrong or I got myself into some bad situation and I needed HIS help.

Thank you God for making things right for me.

annie tan-yee


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4 thoughts on “The wrongs happen to make things right

  1. Thank you for sharing. I need this as a reminder for my situation right now.
    I am praying that in the nearest future God will also make things right for me because now I feel everything is in chaos as well.

  2. I have the same sentiments, Tita Annie.

    With all the problems that are hurled upon us, all we can do is pray and have faith.

    Sabi nga ng nabasa ko on Facebook: Binigay sa iyo kasi kaya mo.

    Let us all keep the faith!

    1. “Binigay sa’yo kasi kaya mo” is a common saying and it’s indeed empowering.
      Life can be too harsh and not everyone can really keep up. You are right, all we can do is pray and keep our faith.

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