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I was surprised that chickens are given prominence in Portugal. They are everywhere, practically in every gift shop. I asked one sales lady and she said they are cocks. I know they are cocks, but why are they all over Lisbon?

The Barcelos Rooster or Galo de Barcelos is considered a national albeit unofficial symbol of Portugal. It symbolizes trust, honesty, integrity and honor. The Portuguese believes that they bring into your home good luck and happiness so you must have at least one in your home.
Lovely. I have live roosters in the farm about twenty of them. Good luck luck luck and happiness multiplied by 20.
portugal 031 rooster of luck and happiness

portugal 024 ceramic roosters

I was most tempted to buy a big one right away but my worry was it could break during transport because they are made of highly breakable ceramics.

portugal 025 ceramic cocks

The Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos tells the story of an innocent man accused of stealing silver. Despite his pleas of innocence, he was sent to the gallows. He told the judge who sentenced him to death that the roasted rooster on the table would rise and crow if they hang him. The roasted rooster stood up and crowed. The judge ran to the gallows to stop the hanging. The innocent man was still alive because the rope snapped.

portugal 028 ceramic hen

The Barcelos Cock or holy rooster is also Portugal’s national animal.
portugal 030 roosters everywhere


    1. Hi Jilly,

      There are US and UK-based companies that sell made in Portugal ceramic tiles. You may find them online, Etsy, or please search but make sure you choose a legit one.

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