Birthday Photo Shoot

May 27, 2021 5:10 pm

Happy birthday to me! Yes, another birthday has come and I am here in Napa Valley celebrating it.

The Handsome Husband is as usual up early to play golf. I knew it, he would enjoy it here kasi nga pa golf-golf si Edmund Woods, the uncle of Rory McIlroy. Did you know why dear husband is so good at golf? I will tell you. When he first got interested in golf, he studied well the swing of Ernie Els.

Husband is back from a round of golf and he is taking my pictures now. After many years, he is now cooperative and initiates pa nga to take photos. Dati ang sungit nya. Ayaw kumuha ng pictures and ayaw rin magpakuha. As he gets older, he gets better.

It’s rare to find a nice photo nowadays. As I age the less chances that I will like one or two shots. But I still need to have photos for my souvenir. Ten years from now I am going to point at these photos and tell myself this is me.

Birthday photos


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