Buying a car in the US

It’s always interesting to visit car dealerships here in the US. In many ways, the process here is very different from the Philippines.

Buying a car here could only take as quick as one hour. It depends on how meticulous the buyer is, then the negotiation process could take a little bit longer. Dealers now are adopting the fix price policy, no more haggling. No discounts. This actually shortens the process because it eliminates the time spent on negotiating discounts.

Their documentation is streamlined. The requirements are shortened. No income tax returns, no bank books, no utility bills as proof of residence, no certification of employments, no SSS ID, no TIN. Only one reference person not living with you.

In Manila, we sign a lot of papers and if the purchase is done thru bank financing, the approval could take several days and if the applicant has some financial issues in the past, then the approval could take weeks. For example, if the applicant missed some credit card payments or has unpaid loans.

Here, just present your driver’s license and they can run your credit score in a few minutes. In ten minutes the dealer would know if you are qualified.

Sa atin it’s too risky not to check all the documents kasi maraming impostors. Their business is to pretend to be buyers, submit spurious documents, give a downpayment, take the car, and disappear. Some are still around but they don’t pay the banks. Their intention is to use the car (or sell it), without fully paying for it. Modus operandi nila madalas mag-asawa kunwari may kasamang anak na maliit para kunwari happy family and trustworthy but that’s just props.

The agents here ask “are you paying in cash or financing?” This’ the same thing we ask in Manila. If you’re paying in cash, the process is even shorter. They will just prepare the documentation, clean the car, then off you go.

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My sister bought her youngest daughter a Honda three years ago and she overpaid the full amount by one dollar. Repeat $1. Three weeks ago the financing company sent her a check refund of $1. The car is under my name that’s why I am the payee on the check. I also received a check for a $136.00 refund from the car insurance payments. I went to the bank to deposit $1 plus $136. I don’t do online banking so I personally went to the bank. Medyo nahiya pa ako kasi one check was only $1 but the guy next to me was depositing one dollar too. Pero ang kanya puro mamera. Puro barya. Hawak-hawak nya sa palad. He didn’t notice that he was standing too close to me, less than 24″ so I moved away from him. I might accidentally bump him and his coins could scatter on the floor. Baka malaglag, kumalat sa sahig, gumulong kung saan-saan, magkulang yung pera nya, baka ako pa mag-abono.


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