My Papa’s birthday

Edmund’s friend invited him to play a round of golf on May 18 but when I told my dear husband that we’re going to visit the cemetery because it was papa’s birthday, he didn’t hesitate to cancel his happy golfing.

I was going to cut some flowers from the garden but I decided to do it just minutes before we leave para hindi malanta agad.


Ay naman, kakainis I forgot to get flowers from our side yard so I cut some stems from the cemetery’s flowers.

cut flowers

My sister was here a few days ahead of me so meron psng mga bulaklak. The cemetery throws away all the flowers every thursday but when there’s a holiday such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, All Saints Day, Christmas, etc. they leave the flowers and other offerings for one more week in deference to the families of the deceased.

We offered a short prayer for mama and papa. We also greeted them happy birthdays, hello, and thanked them for their love and devotion to me and my siblings.

visit to the cemetery

I still do miss my parents a lot and how I wish they are here attending our family gatherings in their honor. My parents did everything to give us a decent life. A good education and food on the table. They lived simple lives and spent their best years just working. Sayang kung buhay pa sana sila, kahit papaano matutuwa sila. They would be pleased with what we have accomplished in our own little way.


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