Celine Dion was late for an hour. She joked about it and apologized. Kesyo she couldn’t find her shoes daw. I didn’t find it funny.
Well, she’s a superstar, she can do whatever she wants to do. But to be an hour late is not welcome to me and a waste of other people’s time. Most especially that her audience come to Vegas from all over the world. If 7:30 pm start is too early, the concert organizers should just put an 8 pm or 8:30 start. But to put 7:30 pm then start at almost 9 is too much. We were in a hurry not to be late. There were things we could have done still prior to the concert but we thought they would start on time. Instead of going to a regular restaurant, we just grabbed fast food.

Well, the audience loved her and she was easily forgiven. However, it took me like half hour to get on the groove. I lost some excitement and wasn’t clapping.

vegas 370 Celine Dion audience June 2, 2017

vegas 374 Celine Dion

vegas 353 Celine Dion JUne 2, 2017

She had several gown changes. All looked lovely on her because of her svelte figure.
vegas 367 Celine Dion yellow gown

I was buried behind several big gay guys sitting in front of me. They were all fashionably dressed up and very good-looking. Kabawasan na naman yan sa mga tutoong lalaki. Mauubos na talaga. Baka puro pangit na lang ang matira.

vegas 386

vegas 393

Her back-up singers.

Sobra syang sexy pero Edmund said meron daw puson. Lahat naman mauy puson.
At one point I was a meter away from her. She really is fit, walang bilbil.
vegas 402

Purple Rain


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