Choco and Latte eat live chickens11:02 PM Tuesday February 18, 2020 |

Edmund transferred sisters Choco and Latte from our residence to the farm a week ago.  He thought they would be good guard dogs to compliment Cali and Jersey.

Choco and Latte’s temperament and character are very different from our other dogs.  It took them a long time to warm up to people, to trust them.  They’re matapang.   They’re like hunters.


Edmund was confident they would blend well with the farm animals.  In less than 24 hours they bit one duck and one baby chick.

In 5 days,  they have killed 8 chickens. Yesterday,  I saw Choco chasing one teen chicken,  who was frantically running for its life.  I yelled “Choco!  Choco! No”.   Edmund also saw her running.  He also tried to stop her by yelling  Choco0000 but she didn’t stop.  She bit the chicken and attempted to eat it but Edmund and Emerson grabbed the chicken from her mouth but it was too late,  the chicken was already lifeless.

The two sisters see the ducks and chickens as their food.  That means they cannot stay in the farm or else they would feast on chicken joy.

Edmund tried to revive the chicken pero tigok na talaga. He should’ve tried mouth to mouth resuscitation.


Edmund thinks if we separate the two sisters,  they would lose their powers, so he put Latte in a cage and hauled her at the back of the Expedition.   He confined Choco in the Kamalig area.  Naku po she was nagwawala,  barking, crying, angry bark.  Edmund said she would eventually stop.

Latte, on the contrary, behaved just occasionally crying.  She was mostly quiet in the two hours travel plus a one hour dinner stopover.

When she reached home,  she was calm,  walking around, looking for her sister Choco.   Then she started crying, but not too loud.

Today,  she laid down most of the time and didn’t want to eat.   The maids cooked ground pork,  her favorite food, but she just ignored it.  I am worried if she continues to go on a hunger strike, she could get sick.  I told Edmund to bring her sister Choco here soonest.

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