A quality free education up to high school must be available to all and must be compulsory. A two-year associate degree or vocational courses are ideal for those who cannot afford to get a 4-year college degree.
I believe an educated populace will greatly reduce poverty, homelessness, crime in the long term. It will increase inteligence and emotional quotients of the overall population. This will improve the values and standards of parents. They will become better individuals, better parents, better members of the community.

When I was growing up, if someone is acting unruly, bad, rude, disrespectful, the first comment people say is “hindi tinuruan ng magulang.” (the parents didn’t teach him). Parents are blamed for good reason. Uneducated parents lacking in understanding of their all too important roles of bringing up good children into society will contribute to the decay of human characters. A good education increases a person’s awareness of self-improvement and respect to others.


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