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November 2, 2014 Sunday,

Len and Bong prepared so much food for our supper on Sunday, the day we were leaving for Manila. There was a very large fried fish, steamed dungeness crabs, etc.

large fried fish

Roast duck, salsa
Despedida food

Close family friends also came over bringing their own specialty of the house. Rae Hughes brought a big casserole of callos, and her pretty 5 year old grand daughter who looks like her and Nicky.

Callos Casserole

Eves, Dimple, Rae
Eves, Dimple, Rae November 2, 2014

Kay (Len’s eldest daughter),  Len, Eves brought empanada.   Ang sarap kumain,  paano naman kami papayat?

Kaykay, Len, Eves,  November 2, 2014

Bong baked this tahong.
baked tahong November 2, 2014

Although Edmund and I were still full from Burger King, the food on the table were irresistible. The crab was so deliciously fresh.

Napawisan si Edmund packing my fiberglass Santa Claus I bought from Costco. We had to reinforce its box for extra protection.
packing November 2, 2014

Dimple, Eves, Rae,  OMB, Len

group photo November 2, 2014

With Bong and Edmund. (photography by Kaykay)
Despedida photo  November 2, 2014

As usual, my sister got emotional when we were leaving na. Hugging and crying are traditional between the two of us. Even if we see each other once or twice a year. To think in this trip, I overstayed by a month, hindi pa rin sya nasawa sa akin. Nung maliit kame lagi kaming nag-aaway.

We both have our own lives, far from each other. We are both busy with our own activities. Very different from each other. But despite the distance and busyness, our hearts and love for each other are never apart.

Len  November 2, 2014

I should buy a house beside hers, (Hello Lotto! Tell me when?).


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