Disneyland Hotel here we come

December 23, 2017 Saturday

We spent 3 nights in Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles and it’s time to move on to our next travel leg, Disneyland in Anaheim where we will spend our Christmas.

It’s an hour away from Beverly Hills. I was Edmund’s Waze navigator but some half hour into our drive, I fell asleep in the car. I woke up a few minutes before we reached Disneyland Hotel.

La disney 215

La disney 216

La disney 221

La disney 223

La disney 224

The back of our vehicle is full of tampipi. Pisa na raw golf clubs nya.
La disney 225

Meron pa akong baon na unan. Para kaming pupunta sa Baguio o Tagaytay.
La disney 228

Disneyland Hotel offers self park for $20 a day or valet parking for $30. Valet parking na lang.
La disney 229

La disney 227

The reception said welcome to Disneyland Hotel Yee family.
La disney 234

Similar to Baldemor’s art.
La disney 235

while we were checking in, a quintet serenaded the hotel guests with Christmas carols.
La disney 241

disney 025

disney 017

My husband made me cry by telling my kids that it’s now mommy’s turn to enjoy. He told them that when they were little I didn’t enjoy our trips to Disneyland because I was busy attending to them.

La disney 249

He said it’s now my kid’s turn to take care of me. I just couldn’t control my tears.

La disney 251


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14 thoughts on “Disneyland Hotel here we come

  1. Merry Christmas Ms Annie and to your family. Naiyak ako dito sa blog entry mo, I was touched by the reunion, because deep inside me, I am hoping also complete family ko every Christmas. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Hi Ms Annie.. what Edmund said was true,, u have been too busy taking care of Oyen and Nyke, that sometimes, u lose track of time and forgot to take care of ur own needs.. That is how a good Mom treats her family.. Always too preoccupied with keeping the house clean, too busy preparing meals for them, and looking after ur children’s every need… Always THEIR NEEDS before ur own…

    Oyen and Nyke and Edmund are so lucky to have u in their lives.. You have raised them well, and it’s now their turn to take care of u.. You have given so much of urself that there’s almost nothing left for ur own needs…

    U have loved them with all ur heart and soul… now, they’re giving back the kind of SPECIAL and NURTURING LOVE that u have given them…

    Enjoy ur Christmas holiday with the family, Ms Annie… I may not be able to give u material gifts, but i will always PRAY for u and ur family, and i wish u all the BEST that Life and Love can offer u in the years to come…

    Merry Christmas to u and the family, Ms Annie … it’s so nice to see Nyke with ur family again… he’s a great kid, and very kind and courteous and friendly when i first met him at ur house… Oyen was also very kind and friendly… You are lucky and so BLESED to have such loving and thoughtful kids, Ms Annie.. Oyen and Nyke are ur greatest treasures on earth,..

  3. Merry Blessed Christmas Ms Annie! It’s so lovely to see your family complete. Lovely to see Nyke again. Hello Nyke!

  4. That is really touching, Ma’am Annie. Complete kayo and it is your turn para ma-pamper. Happy holidays!

  5. This post really touched me. Nangilid ang luha ko. Masaya po ako para sa inyong pamilya. Happy New Year to the Yee family and God bless you!

  6. very touching indeed, Ms. Annie! I keep reminding my wife as well, as she is somehow like you when it comes to the kids. I keep telling her, leave some for yourself. especially now that our kids are in their teens. she rarely heeds, and all she tells me is — you’ll never get me because i’m their mother 🙂

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