Fourth Hole in One03:30 PM Saturday October 24, 2020 |

October 24, US / Oct 25 in Manila

Edmund told me last month that he thinks he only has a few more years of playing competitive golf because of his age. He said he couldn’t hit the ball as strong as before when he could hit 350 yards. He said there are so many better and younger golfers out there. Well, the good thing about golf is it’s for everyone. Any age from 2 to 92, any shape and size, thin, medium, large, triple x, Any skill level, magaling, hindi marunong, super galing, okay-okay lang, can truly enjoy a round of golf.

Golf is not just about winning or collecting trophies. It’s also about meeting new friends, spending and enjoying time with male golf buddies, chismisan over pica-pica, and drinks. It’s clean fun huwag lang nilang hahaluan ng mga kalokohan like ide-date yung mga caddies, or carry on affairs with other female golfers. It’s a good physical and mental exercise, a great stress buster. It’s also a good excuse to be away for several hours from the annoying wife.

On February 16 of this year, Edmund hit his third hole-in-one at the Southwoods Golf and Country Club in Cavite City, Philippines. I remember telling him that he can hit a hole-in-one every year or even every month. He said it’s impossible. Golf is also a game of chance. Many very good golfers have no hole in one yet. Meron naman hindi gaanong magaling eh meron ng dalawa.

Edmund’s I believe is a combination of both skill and luck. Contrary to what he thinks that his golf skill precision is waning because of age, he hit his fourth hole in one today at the same golf club, Southwoods, and on the same hole. Someone commented that this could be dinaya kasi daw what are the chances of hitting a hole in one on the same hole. Apparently, it’s not impossible. Look at what happened today. There were at least four witnesses that it was an authentic hit. Only mentally deranged golfers fake their hole in one. Sarili lang nila ang niloloko nila. Kung sila trip nila yun, not my husband.

I can’t wait to see the twin trophies from Southwoods for the incredibly savvy golfer. Ay, wala na daw trophy ngayon, certificate na lang. Kahit ano, okay lang, basta merong recognition, and souvenir to remember this happy event in his life. Pag-uugud-ugod na sya, he will spend days staring at his dozens of trophies and certificates reminiscing the days na hindi pa malutong ang mga butu-buto nya.

Here are four hoorays for Mister Edmund McGyver Woods Yee for hitting his fourth hole in one. Wishing you more birdies, eagles, holes in one to come.

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