Gala Dinner at Chateau Lafitte

Most of us interpreted the Gala Dinner as something formal so most of the women changed into something fabulous with matching high heels Christian Louboutin shoes. Yun pala we’re going to walk on cobbled pathways, wasak ang shoes.

Bordeaux June 8 080

We were told that this place is very private and only those close to the owners or very special dignitaries get to be invited in receptions here. We’re privileged.

Bordeaux June 8 074

Cocktails were served on the veranda overlooking the vineyard. My children’s eyes and skin became reddish right away after a sip or two. Hinayaan ko na nga so they could truly enjoy our wine tasting tour.

Bordeaux June 8 076

There’s a huge aluminum ball that’s clearly the center of attraction. Strange as it is because we expected everything would be organic here, there’s a high tech work of art installed here to entertain and owe the owners’ guests.

Lovely roses and cattleya on dinner tables

Roses, dinner table, smith Lafitte Bordeaux June 8 096

Madame Florence Cathiard, owner of the Chateau Lafitte discretely disappeared after reading a prepared welcome speech.
Florence Cathiard, welcome remarks

Irene Natividad, gives a toast.
Bordeaux June 8 087

Wine tasting done, this is the culinary part.

ENTREE, Starter
Tourtaeu aux amandes, miroir exotique, vermicelle de pomme granny.
Crab meat with almonds, exotic jelly, thin slides of apple granny.
Sobrang pinapahirap ang pangalan ng mga dishes.
Bordeaux June 8 081

PLAT, Main course

Poitrine de Canard de Chalans aux concasses d’ avelines, gateau de corgette, gelee de curry, chips de legumes
Dyos ko, pagkopya ko pa lang nung menu tila tumanda na agad ako.

Duck breast from Challans, avelline nuts, zucchini gratin, curry jelley and vegetable chips.
Sino daw kaya si Challans?

Bordeaux June 8 086

DESSERT, Dessert (at least same-same la)

Chocolate pecan
Chocolate pecan, Bordeaux June 8 095


Quintessence de fruits rougue, tuile craquante (ang liit ng letra, malabo mata ko) tila tulli, or tulle, ay nako basta tuli,
sorbet Myrtille

Bordeaux June 8 093

Red fruits soup, crusty tile and blueberry sherbet
strawberry dessert, Bordeaux June 8 094

I got tired by copying the menu.


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