Her Maid Sabunot Her10:52 AM Thursday July 16, 2015 |

The lady of the house came home one afternoon finding her 20s daughter in a screaming match with one of their housemaids.  They were shouting invectives at each other.

She (the mother) grabbed her tennis racket and started hitting the maid.  After the fourth time,   the maid grabbed her employer’s two ears with all her might  and started pulling her hair.    Her maid sabunot her. The three drivers ran to the employer’s rescue after hearing her screams.

They called the village security and the maid was brought to the barangay where she was detained.

Allegedly,  the employer realized she too could be charged for assaulting  the maid four times with her tennis racket.   To prove or pretend  she’s a nice and thoughtful employer,  she sent the maid expensive food like crispy pata,  while the maid was detained at the barangay hall.

She was able to convince the officials that the maid is deranged and must be brought to the mental hospital.  I heard that the mother of the maid was appealing to the barangay not to bring her daughter to the mental hospital and instead, to  just release her daughter to her.

In the meantime,  the lady of the house has requested for an additional security detail at her house.

Kaya pala napansin ko the other night,  merong gwardya sa gate nila.

In my opinion,  she doesn’t need an additional security guard at her house.  What she needs is to restrain herself from hitting her maids.  If the maid is really nakakainis,  she should just let her go.  In that particular situation,  when she came home and  found  her maid fighting verbally with her daughter,  she should just have called the village security and let them handle her.

However,  it’s a different situation if her maid was physically fighting with her daughter.  As a mother’s instinct,  hitting the maid with a tennis racket to protect her daughter is an act of self defense and justified.  However,  call the village security right away because the fight could escalate and  all of you could get seriously hurt.

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