Herend Loyal Customer

I officially became a Herend loyalist after my recent purchase of six ice cream bowls, eight salad plates and eight dinner plates from the same Herend company store near our hotel.
(Six bowls only because they ran out of stocks.)

I actually haven’t reached the bronze level yet but the Frequent Buyer Card would identify me already as a loyal customer in their computer records. My next purchase (if ever) elevates me to the next level which would entitle me to a 5% discount on top of the global tax refund of about 15%. That’s big.

Herend Frequent Buyer Card

Herend Apponyi store

Herendi Porcelain, Budapest

My husband thinks I will not be able to make another visit to Budapest in the next five to ten years at least so he encouraged me to buy a whole set and have it shipped.

I don’t have a cup and saucer set yet. I do have a tea set.
Herend Apponyi cups and saucer

I don’t have these dessert plates yet.
Herend blue apponyi, dessert plates

Neither do I have the cute soup bowl and the regular sized dinner plates. I only have a few pieces pala. Halos lahat wala pa ako. Kasi naman I only bought a few pieces in April.
Herend soup bowl, blue apponyi

Herendi has dozens of newer designs and colors but I just want to stick to the Blue Apponyi otherwise I will have two of this and two of that in different designs. Magiging chopsuey.
Herend modern design

Then he also said I should buy and bring the plates home since he and I have some space in our luggage.
He thought I would only buy a few as in maybe four pieces for him to pack in his luggage. When he saw the three boxes, he got worried he would be overweight. The maximum weight limit is 40 kilos for checked in luggage. One single bag must not exceed 30 kilos.

E—-“Ang dami mo naman palang binili”.
A—-“Sabi mo kasi bumili na ako”.
E—-“Kala ko konti lang, sabi mo mga apat lang”.

I didn’t buy a whole set.
I will return to this city, it could take a while but I don’t want to put a period. If not, I am okay with the number of Herend pieces that I already have. I can just mix them with my other plates.



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5 thoughts on “Herend Loyal Customer

  1. I’ve seen that pattern at Bloomingdales 59th St. midtown, too. Not the same as getting it from the flagship store, though. Nice to have a collection that you can add to and doubles as a souvenir. I’m impressed that the pieces arrived intact.

    1. Hi Kt,
      My husband placed the dinner plates in his checked in luggage. He placed the platitos in his backpack because when he checked in, his luggage was overweight. Instead of paying extra US$160, he took out the saucers and placed them in his backpack. Poor husband.

      I brought home the rest that’s why my luggage was so heavy I couldn’t even lift it. I bought another maleta in Vienna to divide the weight.

      1. I bought a few Royal Copenhagen as well when we travelled to Denmark and nahirapan ako magpack sa luggage kasi masyado ako naaliw sa bubble wrap. Hahaha!

        Thanks for your reply Miss Annie. Have a great week ahead.

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