Hungarian State Opera House

We’ve seen this building the day we arrived in Budapest but only from the outside. The Hungarian State Opera House was two blocks away from the Trofea grill and restaurant where we had our lunch straight from the airport.

This time around, we had tickets to tour the inside of this neo-Rennaisance / Baroque style structure and decor which opened in September 1884.

Budapest Opera House

Group tours were assigned a different tour guide inside the opera.

Opera house in Budapest

The stage is 41 meters deep. if you occupy the back seats on the balconies, you wouldn’t be able to see the performances.
Regular ticket prices is 60Euro for the front lines, and the cheapest is Euro2.
Inside the Opera house in Budapest, Hungary

The intricate hand-painted ceiling depics the glorification of music with god Apollo playing the lyra. The chandelier weighs two tons and is made of solid brass with 160 light bulbs.
Opera house ceiling

May stiff neck na ako sa katitingala.
Private box for king of Hungary,  Opera House

private stairs for the King and royals
private stairs for the King

The five kinds of marbles used were from Italy
river cruise, gundel, opera 194

Tingala na naman, it’s a bird!
river cruise, gundel, opera 195

There’s no feng shui in Europe. Large mirrors are placed in front of stairs. Double doors face each other.
river cruise, gundel, opera 196

Welcome drinks, fresh orange juice and sparkling wine.
welcome drinks, Opera house

We were treated to a private performance or mini concerto.
private peformance, Opera

You know how much I love watching operas. I thoroughly enjoyed this few minutes of live classical music.

My sister did too.
Ayleen at the opera terrace


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