I don’t love you anymore12:08 AM Monday January 25, 2016 |

She and her boyfriend of 4 years had a grand wedding with all the people from high society in attendance.

They lived in a 3 story modern townhouse given to them by her father.

They have such a beautiful and comfortable life.

She’s 32, no fatty belly yet. No baby yet.
She’s always fashionable and classy-looking.

She helps out in their family retail business but she makes sure she’s home by 5 pm to prepare a good meal for her husband who usually comes home around 7 pm.

One night, he didn’t come home. He was rejecting her phone calls.
The next morning at around 9 am, he appeared and started packing his personal belongings. She asked if he’s going on a trip. He didn’t answer. He continued moving his clothes from the cabinet to his car.

When she realized what was happening, she started crying and begged him to stay. She also needed some answer and explanation. Why? What did she do wrong? Was she not good enough in bed?

Just before he dashed out of the door with his last piece of luggage, he turned to her and said “I am sorry, I don’t love you anymore. I am in love with another woman”.

Of course she was devastated. She hugged him from behind, held on to his arm. “Please, don’t leave me, we can work things out. We never had a fight. We still love each other right?”

He didn’t move. He said “I’m sorry. I’ve fallen out of love”.

She was still in denial. She said no. In desperation, she dropped to her knees and begged him not to leave her. He stood there for a few seconds, then left.

She cried the whole night. She didn’t leave her room for a week. All she did was cry and cry and cry. She tried calling his cellphone and sent him messages but he never replied. She thought, this couldn’t be happening to her. This is something we only see in the movies.

She lost all her self-confidence. She felt so ugly and stupid. all she did was blame herself. It was all her fault. Maybe because she’s not pretty enough, sexy enough, good enough in sex. Maybe she’s not smart enough, not a good cook, everything, she blamed it on herself.

She went to see a psychiatrist to help her cope with the tremendous blow. After a year, she still was not okay.

She fell into a deep depression and became a recluse. More so when he filed for a dissolution of their marriage.

He apparently fell in love with his office mate and he wanted to marry her.

It was only after 5 years that she started feeling better. She finally accepted that he is gone forever. However, she never got her self-confidence back.



  1. Wala man lang warning signs na na-fall out of love na sya sa wife nya? Kung ako siguro yung wife, I will never show defeat. Magpa-sexy at magpaganda dapat lalo to show him what he lost. At saka don’t show him that you were deeply affected.

  2. “There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart..” Just as the song goes, in her case, this is true..

    But then again, he could’ve been more compassionate in saying GOODBYE.. i mean, he could’ve asked her to sit down and discuss their differences and come up with a solution, instead of not coming home the night before and come back to just pack and leave.. 🙁

    that’s a very nasty move.. 🙁 and so unfair.. 🙁

    And so MEAN… 🙁

  3. aww kawawa naman sya 🙁 the guy is so selfish. he could have just told her how he felt. at least give her the respect that she deserves. ang salbahe lang. ang selfish. 🙁

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