Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens

September 16, 2019, Monday

A—–“Tart punta tayo sa church mag-wish tayo.”
E—–“Hindi naman yata yun Catholic.”

My husband likes to pose in front of old and historic doors.

Me din, gaya-gaya.
E—-“Sa gilid ka naman.”

This church is also known as the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation and is popularly known as the Metropolis. It was constructed for twenty years and was finished on May 21, 1862. The inside is so elegant.

I lighted five candles, for Edmund, Oyen, Nyke, me, and one extra for guidance in our business. For the four of us, I always wish for the same thing— safety and good health. Since Oyen is getting married, I also wish for her happiness. For my son, I also wished him happiness.

I didn’t know what he wished for, I never asked.

Edmund noticed several men wearing black tuxedos setting up tables. A—-“May kasal.”
He was not convinced so he asked the guys unloading flowers. The guys were pall bearers pala.
Sino namatay? Hindi ko kilala.

Sino yan? Hindi ko rin kilala. Ang hirap basahin nung pangalan.


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