How to be Missable

“You don’t miss me anymore”.

Sounds familiar? How many times we’ve told our sweethearts that?
He would say, “why would I miss you eh we see each other everyday, in the same house, in the same bedroom? Kanina lang magkasama tayo”.
Eh diba when you were in the love birds zone, during the Japanese occupation, mag wee wee lang sya

And then, we’re tampo na. Rejection, unwanted wife of many years.

Oo nga naman, how can the husband miss the wife he’s been seeing and ef-ing for a gazillion years?

What can the wife do to make her missable not only kissable and f_ckable?

Just two things:

1. Be visible. Yes, your husband must get used to seeing you around always. When he gets home, there must be some feeling of certainty on his part that he would find you home. If he seldom sees you, he’s not going to miss you because he’s used to not having you around.

2. Be scarce. Conflicting? Yes. Relationship is also about balance. If he sees you 365 days a year, he’ll not miss you either. Once in a while, take holidays without him. Be away for a week or two.

All this things depend on how good your relationship has been. Are you in very good terms? Does he still love you? Loving you like family love? In love with you and not with your neighbor? Does he enjoy your company or he spends time with you out of obligation? If you’re always fighting, or he doesn’t like you anymore, or he’s efing another person, then he’s not going to miss you whatever you do. Whether your face is on his face, outside of your house, or outside of the country, it wouldn’t make any difference. In that case, live your life and do not be sorry.


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