I left my bunch of keys in the same box somewhere in our house.  My family knew exactly where to find them.  one night while I was in the US, Oyen asked for my permission to open my bathroom.  She got my keys to get something from my bathroom.  She left the door open after she heard some strange sounds coming from one side of my bathroom wall.  She said it sounded like water gushing.  It also sounded like there were rats crawling inside my wall.  It also sounded like waterfalls.   Edmund also heard sounds but couldn’t determine where they were coming from.

My bathroom was open when I arrived from the US.  The next day when I was leaving the house I wanted to lock my toilet and bath but I couldn’t find the keys.  Oyen said she gave it to her dad.  But Edmund said she gave it to Oyen.  For several days the two couldn’t remember who took my keys.  Nagtuturuan.  One morning, when both of them had left for the office,  I stood infront of Edmund’s drawers and think.  Where oh where could my two housemates placed my keys?  I opened the top drawer, nope they were not there.  I stopped and think again.  Where could they be?  I opened the third drawer on the left.



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