My sweater caught fire07:02 AM Wednesday February 06, 2019 |

February 5, 2019, Tuesday
Although I was hungry, I waited for my sister to come home from work. She told me she filed for half-day so the two of us could hang out together before I leave for the airport.

She came home at 12:30 pm and the two of us started preparing for our lunch.
I told her I just wanted to reheat lugaw. She got a small casserole. I placed it on the gas stove.  My sweater caught fire and I thought it was only the sleeves. I heard my sister scream a-te! a-te! a-te! I saw the front part of my sweater was also on fire. My sister was trying to put off the fire on my back. Actually, I didn’t know that my back part was also on fire. I just felt her hitting my back, then she hugged me while continuously screaming a-te! a-te!. Yun pala she saw the fire literally crawled from the bottom of my sweater up to my shoulders. It was good I braided my hair and tied it in a bun or else my hair would have caught fire too.

My sister cried while hugging me. She was traumatized by the sight of the yellow fire on my back. Me naman, para akong wala sa sarili. I was dazed. Parang meron akong signos sa apoy. Diba nung baby ako yung yaya ko caught fire and died. I don’t want to go near the gas stove na. I will just reheat my food using the microwave.

I don’t want to wear this sweater anymore. It’s highly flammable. Na-trauma ako.


  1. OMB
    Did you buy the sweater in America. You can sue the store and the maker, like the
    accident that happen to you at Homegoods.
    Please sue so that no one will be victimized again, after you. I think this one you can
    get biggest compensation.

    1. Dear Dee,
      This was the second time I bought an item in the US that caught fire. The first one was a candle holder. that was really close. Our altar and our house almost burned down. I also burned the tip of my fingers and was immobilized for two weeks. I emailed the manufacturer or store, they responded, but unfortunately, I accidentally threw away the hospital receipts and I couldn’t find the photos. i wasn’t able to contact them again. My left foot from the Homegoods accident is still painful. I can feel the pain right at this very moment. I will have my foot x-rayed. The Ralph Lauren sweater, I bought from the premium outlet, I am not sure if in Livermore or in North Las Vegas. Thank you, Dee, for your concern.

      1. Ralph Lauren is very big and a well known company all through out the world. You could get large compensation if you get the best attorney in town. If you sue, they will totally stop selling the sweater, even in the premium outlet to avoid future victims and future suit. The product should be thrown away. Sometimes they will advertise in the media to those who bought the product to stop wearing it, because the material was flameable, to avoid being sued.

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