OMB Tweets # 4302:43 PM Saturday February 27, 2016 |

1. Our driver of many years is migrating soon to Los Angeles. His wife and all their grown-up children are there already. He’s just getting his dentures fixed kasi nga mahal magpa gawa ng pustiso sa America. When he gets his brand-new sparkling teeth, off he goes, bye bye to us. We will miss him for sure.

My daughter was going to her boyfriend’s house to attend a dinner party.
When she reached the village gate, our driver told the security guards
he’s going to the house of Derrick Yee. Kaya the guard couldn’t find the name Derrick Yee in their roster of residents. Hindi pa sila kasal kaya hindi pa Yee ang surname ng boyfriend ni Oyen.

I asked our driver how his wife became an immigrant.
Nung panahon daw ng mga Americano, her aunt met an American businessman. They got married and the guy brought his wife to the US. He is very wealthy. The wife never worked a day in her life and they live in a mansion in… guess where?

Beverly Hills

She petitioned her parents and all her siblings. While her relatives didn’t have their own place yet in LA, they all stayed with her in Beverly Hills.
According to our driver, the guy has a collection of luxury vehicles.
Kaya tinutukso ko sya, pagpunta nya sa America, naka Range Rover na sya.

2. I have stopped giving non-monetary gifts to driver # 2 like clothes, toys for his kids. I realized that these things don’t matter to him, he doesn’t appreciate it. Whenever I am out of town, I let him enjoy an P800 ++ breakfast buffet and yet, he has become even more demanding.

3. This morning, I noticed that the flowers from the wedding in PICC have wilted already. I even caught two falling leaves.
Me——-“Paki tapon na yung mga bulaklak. Yung lalagyan, paki hugasan at itago mo.
Maid—–“Dyaan sa kusina”.
Me——-“Dun mo ilagay sa malapit sa bintana, meron dung shelves, ipatong mo muna dun o kaya sa ilalim ng cabinet sa tabi ng freezer”.
Maid—–“Itago ko mam sa pantry”.
Me——-“Wag, paso iyan, ang inilalagay natin sa pantry ay yung ginagamit sa pagkain”.
Maid—–“Itago ko na lang mam dun sa kusina”.
Me——-“Saan sa kusina?”
Maid—–“Sa loob ng pantry”.
Me——-“Wag nga dun, kasi ang pantry para sa pagkain at sa mga gamit sa mesa o pagkain. Para sa halaman yan”.
Maid—–“Ilagay ko na lang sa pantry”.
Me——-“Di ba kasasabi ko lang na wag sa pantry dahil para sa pagkain yun?”
Maid—–“Itaas ko na lang mam, dun sa pantry”.

4. Me—— “Pahingi ako ng water”.
Maid——– “Mam, ano’ng water?”
Me——— “Tubig”.

5. 6:30 pm

Maid——“Good evening mam”.
Me——–“Kumain na ba kayo?”
Maid 1 —“Oo mam”.
Maid 2—-“Hindi pa mam”.
Maid 1 to Maid 2—–“Kumain na tayo”.
Maid 2 ——“Hindi pa”.
Maid 1——-“Kumain na hoy”.
Me———–“Anong oras ba kayo kumain?”
Maid 2——-“Kanina pa mam, mga alas sais”.

6. Our accounts payable clerk is leaving us to work for Coffee Bean. I told her to give us free gift certificates.

7. Our newly hired accounting supervisor resigned after attending a seminar at the BIR office. They were told that those preparing the financial statements would be criminally liable. She said all of the accountants who were at the seminar got scared and they all planned on quitting their jobs.
I felt aghast. I told her under what circumstance would the BIR run after the accountants and bookkeepers? Kung involve sila sa fraudulent transactions, kung nag-i-smuggle sila, etc. Even without that ruling, all accountants have an oath, di ba nakalagay “I have examined the accounting records of XYZ company and have determined that they adhere to standard accounting procedures….”

She’s in a hurry to leave because she didn’t want to help us prepare the income tax returns. Kasi daw dami nyang ginagawa.

I didn’t make any effort to convince her to stay. It was useless. We want someone who has a broader sense of her responsibility and commitment to her job. Someone who does not only expect a high salary, but someone who is up for the challenge. Wala ng ganyan ngayon. Gusto relax lang sa office. No stress no pressure. We’ve had so many staff like that. When the workload gets crazy, they split. Takbo na. There are also some who, despite the pressures here, choose to stay. Thank you.

I spoke to some BIR officers and they told me even their friends who have put up their own accounting and auditing firms find it hard to find good bookkeepers and accountants. Well, universities have reported a decreasing trend in the number of students in this field.

BIR could help businesses by simplifying tax reports and decreasing requirements. They keep on adding more and more requirements. We need to hire three people just to cope, eh kaso ang mahal ng sweldo bawat tao at puro hindi naman seryoso sa trabaho nila.

8. One small start-up company is in trouble. They hired a full time accountant. She disappeared bringing with her all the company’s financial records including the computer file of all their clients. They don’t know who bought from them, how much. They have no file of their accounts receivable.

9. I occasionally read the column Shooting Straight by Bobit Avila (Philippine Star). I clipped his views on the Pacquiao comment about LBGT.
Bobit Avila, news article

10. I watched Boy Abunda’s tirade against Manny Pacquiao regarding the above-mentioned issue.

11.. I watched on You tube the long apology naman of Vice Ganda to Jessica Soho for allegedly joking about rape victims. Minsan kasi ang mga biro nasosobrahan. And not all jokes are funny. What’s funny to me may not be funny to you. Kaya we should make an effort to be careful with the words that come out of our mouths. Once uttered, they cannot be erased anymore.

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