Our Ulam in America

Pinoy talaga kami kahit saan pumunta, pag-kaing bahay ang hanap.

1. Itlog na maalat, pampaalais ng suya.
From China, $2.99 for 6 pieces
salted eggs,  itlog na maalat

Eto gawang atin, $1.29 each. Eto na lang kahit mas mahal.
red salted egg

2. We bought two pieces of frozen dungeness crab kasi sold out yung live.
I didn’t know these were cooked already. Sumobra ang luto ko, na-dry.
dungeness crabs

I actually hate how they look, nagigilawlawan ako. They were looking at me.
crabs with ginger

Takpan ko nga kayo.
crab cover

3. Sinigang na salmon
I cooked sinigang na salmon using left-over salad from the fridge.
Masarap daw according to Edmund.
sinigang na salmon with spinach

4. Pansit Bihon
When we are here in the US, we don’t go out to eat all the time. At least once a day, I cook something. But since we don’t have complete ingredients, I just whip up something from scratch. This pansit bihon has left-over breakfast sausages, veggies from salad, shrimps and lots of cilantro. I would like to think that my husband loved it because he ate a lot.
pansit bihon from scratch

5. Fried Asparagus
One of my husband’s favorite food here in the US is asparagus. He likes them steamed and we usually pair them with pan-grilled steak for breakfast. One time I dipped them in battered egg, rolled them in corn starch with salt and pepper just to add a little taste. I fried them for a change. I didn’t know that my husband liked it. When we went back to the grocery, he got a pack of big fresh asparagus and he told me ang sarap daw nung ginawa ko nung isang beses. Nagustuhan pala nya kaya nagluto uli ako.
big fresh asparagus

I cut-off and threw the bottom part away. I split the middle stem in half kasi sobrang taba.
sliced asparagus

Cracked and clumsy egg.
cracked egg

Best eaten right after frying.
fried asparagus

6. Pritong daing na bangus
pritong daing na bangus

7. I also cooked adobong manok. Kulang naman sa ingredients. Okay naman ang lasa.
ulam in America

8. Once in a while, In & Out to go.
In-N-Out cheese burger

I don’t eat the bun. Sometimes I eat half bun.
In & Out to go

9. Isang platitong mani

I bought fried peanuts with garlic from the Filipino restaurant. Masarap ito para hindi antukin si Edmund habang nagmamaneho.
fried peanuts with garlic

While I was paying, the cashier asked the other restaurant staff nasan daw si manang, the older lady who also works there. The cashier (female #1) was standing some 5 meters away from female #2. There’s a huge kitchen island in the middle with upper food racks. Female #2 answered with a loud voice so she could be heard by the cashier.

Female #1——-“Saan ba nagpunta si ____?”
Female #2——–“Nag-break, nadun sa toilet, TUMATAE!”

Nay ko po, ipinaglakasan pa.


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