Oh My Buhay is my personal diary. I blog about the places I visit, my experiences, random thoughts, happy times, sama ng loob, time with my family, my work, etc.

I do take a lot of pictures and video clips. I just shoot and shoot.
If you happen to see me at a party or gathering, expect that I will post the photos on my blog. If you pose with me on a photo, most likely I will publish that photo on ohmybuhay.

One time I got on a plane somewhere in Europe, I was stunned at the violet lights changing into aqua, then violet again inside the airplane’s ceiling and cabin section. I took a snap shot. There was an American lady who thought I took her photo. She asked me nicely, “did you take my photo?” I wasn’t even looking at her when I took the photo. I said no, I took a photo of the ceiling because the colors were beautiful. I showed her the photos that I just took and she laughed. She told me some paparazzi were following her and she thought I was a tabloid reporter. Apparently, she was someone famous. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize her and had no idea who she was.

If you find yourself in the same room or at the same dinner table, let me know right away if you don’t wish your photo or name to be mentioned or published on my blog, and I would be happy to crop or delete, erase, or cover your face.

If you find your name and photos in my blog but you don’t want to be famous (haha), shoot me an email or a private message and I would gladly remove your name and photos from OMB. Just don’t be apurado or apurada.


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