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Many are wondering what has happened to Joyce, our cook who doesn’t know how to cook, but she spek Inglesh. Well, she’s still here. Inspite of Edmund’s order to return her to the employment agency, I decided to keep her. Why? When I was trying to let her go, she didn’t want to leave and she begged to stay. She told me she likes to work here, she likes us and she likes our house. Hmm. Okay, so out of compassion, I decided to keep her subject to 2 conditions, instead of being the cook, her position is now Assistant Cook cum house cleaner. I also reduced her salary a bit, but not too much kasi kawawa naman she sends money to her family. I just had to lower it in fairness to the other staff whose salaries are less than hers. Her current salary is still the highest.

About an hour after I arrived home last night, JOYCE, came up to me crying.
Joyce – Good evening, mam, excuse me, I have a letter for you. Pls read.
Me— Why, what happened?
(I scanned the contents of her letter, she’s quitting her job)

Me—- Joyce, bakit nag-away ba kayo ni Noreen? About what?
Joyce– Yes, pancit canton. I am eating and she shouted to May to keep the pancit canton. She knows I’m already eating why is she keep the pancit canton.

Me— She probably didn’t know that you were there.
Joyce- No, mam, lagi syang ganon, and her eyes, nanlilisik. I am afraid she will hurt physical violence against me.
(At this point she was crying inconsolably)

Joyce— I called my sister, I told her I hurt with physical violence. she said before blood bath, I should leave before the physical violence.

Me— Joyce, I think you are just paranoid. Do you understand what paranoid is?
Joyce- ??
Me— I will talk to Noreen first. Tingin ko sensitive ka lang.
Joyce– I am so afraid, I will be get physical violence.

Me— Joyce, relax, praning ka lang, kausapin ko muna si Noreen.

After an hour, I called Noreen, the laundry woman.
Me— Noreen, umiiyak si Joyce, nag-away ba kayo? Tungkol saan?
Noreen— Wala yun Mam, maliit na bagay, bakit anong sinasabi nya?
Me—- Wala syang sinabing masama tungkol sa’yo.
Noreen- Kasi Mam pikon na pikon na ako sa kanya, salita ng salita……nakakapikon.
Me– Hinamon mo daw sya ng away. May balak ka bang saktan sya?
Noreen— Wala mam, kasi mam napikon ako kasi nilinis ko na yung banyo namin, tapos nilinis nya ulit. Parang may kuliling.
Me— Mabuti nga yun di sobrang linis ng banyo ninyo. Pasensyahan mo na lang, wala syang intensyon na masama. Kanya-kanya tayo ng ugali.

After 15 minutes, I called Joyce,

Me— Joyce, I spoke to Noreen, she doesn’t have any intention to harm you.
Joyce— Really mam, no physical violence?
Me— No, she is not going to kill you.
Joyce– So she will not do that? No blood bath?
Me— No
Joyce—- I’m happy, No physical violence. Thank you Mam.
Me— No, Pasensyahan mo na lang. And she doesn’t like a talkative person, Kaya wag kang salita ng salita.

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  1. I have my own yaya stories to tell pero yours take the cake talaga! In fairness to Joyce, the idea is there, fine-tuning lang ng grammar hehe. Amazed she knows “blood bath”!

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