It’s been a little over a week since we arrived but every morning when I wake up, I still wonder for a few seconds where I am.

(door sign made by my daughter)
Welcome home door sign

As soon as I opened my bathroom door, a teenage butiki crossed my path, I knew I am home.
butiki on the floor

Signs of home? Bills and more bills
bills to pay

Oyen reported to me that while she and the other household staff were distributing candies on Halloween Day, Antonia was not helping, instead, she was in her own world, dancing in the garage while kids were nagkakagulo asking for candies.

The effervescent Antonia. She’s attending her niece’s 21st birthday kaya she’s dolled-up.

I had lugaw for breakfast twice in a row.
arroz caldo by Antonia

I truly enjoyed the wide open spaces and roads in California. We were more in control of our time. We could reach more places and could efficiently budget our time. With one hour, I could drive 10 miles in 10 minutes, shop a little and be home in another 10 minutes. I miss those little things.

Here, I have lost control of my time. My whole day is diminished.

bad EDSA traffic

Riding in tandem and MMDA,
riding in tandem

Pahinog sa traffic
pahinog sa traffic

Last night, I screamed when I entered my bathroom. A big ipis was on my tub. I panicked and didn’t know what to get to pukpok it. Then I remembered the advise of one of Oh My Buhay readers, to use alcohol. Hayun, ang bilis nyang namatay. No more chasing around and screaming. A few spritz and the ipis is super dead.


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