Scared of ipis, butiki and multo

I am scared of ipis (cockroaches), butiki (lizards) and multo (ghosts). My husband couldn’t understand why. He told me the other morning that my children are closer to me than to him. Sa akin daw mga laging nakadikit kaya hayan, nagaya nadin daw sa akin, takot sa ipis at multo.

My husband is an alpha male. He is saying that a man has to be strong and brave. He should not be afraid of pests and ghosts. He believes that a man who’s afraid of these creatures makes a weak husband. He he he, ask him where he got his theory.

But he has a point. Paano daw kung mag-asawa na tapos biglang may lumitaw na ipis, sa lagay ba daw yung lalaki ang tatakbo at sisigaw. He would call his wife instead to pukpuk the ipis. Baligtad daw yun.

So ladies, the first thing you do to test if the one you’re seriously dating is a husband material is to ask him if he’s afraid of ipis, butiki and multo. Tell him stories about ghosts in your house. Leave him in a dark room. Then try to scare him by making unusual sounds. See if he would act like a scaredy cat.


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