Shopping in Zara Home

There’s a Zara Home beside Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger on Fashion Street. If I get to like something, it would be difficult to carry and bring home. Just the same, let’s look na lang din inside.

A—-“Tart, I will go inside. Saan ka?”
E—-“Dito lang ako”.

Husband waits while wife shops at Zara.
Husband waits while wife shops

As soon as I entered the store, I totally forgot that I have a husband.

Budapest 190

Cannot be carried away, always keep in mind that most of their stuff are from China.

Budapest 186

Hmm I like this plate charger, not heavy and is not breakable, only piingable (pwedeng mapiing kasi lata).
Budapest 187

Pati ba notebook bibili rin ako? Iba ito, may gold.
Zara Home notebook

I bought a big table cloth, 8 tin plate chargers, what else na nga ba? I forgot already.


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