When I was little,  my mother would always send me to the church to clean the statue of Sta. Ursula which was situated right in the middle section of the main altar.   There’s a ladder behind the huge altar which was made of wood, steep and cranky.   My mom’s panata was to keep the  big  statue clean and shiny in time for the town fiesta and Christmas and whenever she pleased.   Since she was busy tending to her store,  gowns rental,  ice candy factory  and running our household,  she was always stressed out.    When she realized it’s time for her to clean the statue,  she would panic and sent me instead.    I couldn’t say no because sasabunin nya ako mula ulo hanggang paa.

It gave me shivers everytime.   I could only go up to the altar when there’s no mass and the place was empty.   I had to pass thru the dark and  creepy sacristy to gain access to the  main altar.

I remember feeling so terrified.

Scared of the mumu

Scared of evil men who could snatch and molest me

Scared of  falling down from the cranky and wobbly ladder.

I was so short and  had to climb and dangle from the statue’s body to dust off her face.    I was sooooooooo    terrified I would slip and die.

Now,   St. Ursula has become my friend.  I call on her when I am in trouble.   I speak to her when I need strength.    But I introduce myself first.    I remind her that I am that patpatin girl that used to climb the ladder to dust off her left shoulder, palda and left cheek.  Kasi those were  just the sides I could reach.




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  1. The photos reminds me lots of memories as a legionary and sometimes I served as a sacristan. Thank you for posting this!

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