Thieves come in the middle of the night

More house break-ins have been reported.

A thief broke into the house of Oyen’s friend in Greenhills.  He entered the first bedroom on the second floor and took the cellphone and laptop of the lady sleeping so soundly.  She said she normally was a light sleeper but that early morning,  she was dead asleep.  It was probably good that she didn’t wake up while the thief was in her room or else he could have hit her.  And it’s good the thief only came to steal.  Her sister reported that at that same moment,  she went down to the kitchen to get water from the ref.  She claimed she noticed a man going out of the sliding door.   From the CCTV footage,  they suspected that the guy came from their neighbor’s house under construction.  HOAs bar owners from letting their construction workers stay in but this is not checked.  The security guards will not investigate every nook and cranny of a huge house under construction to see if there are men hiding.

There’s now a Viber group in our village and they are warning all residents to secure their respective homes.  According to their report,  there have been several break-ins, between 2 am to 4 am this morning.    One was at a house one block away from ours.  And two were at houses located along the perimeter fences.

This is strange.   The house near ours is smacked right in the middle of the village.  If the thieves are on foot,  they need to climb several tall fences, go inside the backyards of the houses along the perimeter and jump over the front gates, walk a few blocks before reaching the houses in the middle.  That’s quite a walk.  Then they would have to walk back to the perimeter fence and repeat the drill.  And can they carry several laptops in one go, akyat-akyat pa like Spiderman.  That means they have a car.

Our village is reputedly one of the more secure subdivisions in Metro Manila so I can only suspect that the thieves are already inside the village.  Of course, the first suspects are the laborers or the drivers staying in.  They know the roving guards’ schedules.

Tonight,  to strengthen our security measures,  we opened the side gate to allow the two big dogs, one Dalmatian and one German Shepherd with droplets of Belgian Malinois, to roam freely from the garage to the pool area.

The two brownies Choco and Latte  are stationed in the front garden, and they can reach up to the side gate to the auxiliary kitchen.   We have two more dogs on the other side of the kitchen but they are pang-ingay lang.

Oyen asked me to check all our windows if they were locked.  Naku, I counted our windows on the ground floor alone,  there are 15 windows, two sliding doors, four kitchen doors, and one double main door.   How about those on the second floor, deck, and lower ground?  How on earth will I be able to secure all of them?  We need a dozen more dogs.

Maybe we should hire two extra security guards for night duty.  We fired our former security guard assigned here at home kasi nga the maids saw him with one driver swimming naked in our pool while we were in the US.  Bantay salakay.

Next week I will ask my daughter to come with me again to the shooting range for practice.

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